Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ireland part two

The next two days in Ireland were spent on the wedding. This was a true treat in the most sincere sense. To be in another country and to be able to witness and even participate in traditions like a wedding ceremony is really special. When you love the two people who are uniting as much as we love Jonny and Aisling then it’s even better.We participated in the rehearsal as Chris was reading a Shakespeare sonnet during the ceremony. We were off to one of the most delicious dinners of our lives right after. We made it to a tempura / sushi place and the dinner hosted by Jonny’s parents. Jonny is from England and has come to Ireland to be with his now wife Aisling.His parents just couldn’t be nicer – or more fun. We were delighted to be seated with them for the dinner and had a smashing time (I picked up some vocabulary while I was there, ok?) hanging out with everyone. Afterward (I had the haddock with this amazing ginger sauce. I love that sauce more than I can write) we left the parents and other folks behind to join the other younguns (can I say this? We were all over 30) at the pub for a few pints. I was accosted by a ridiculously drunk woman on the street later who was very “grabby” – I did get out of it with my wallet and all of my jewelry. We hopped a cab quick and headed for Knocklyon and to try and help Jon write his speech for the next night.

The wedding was beautiful and Aisling wore this amazing dress- she looked like a Greek goddess. Chris did an amazing job reading and the service was lovely. I could’ve listened to the Father in his deep Irish brogue talk about commitment to God and each other for hours. It was a lovely ceremony and very much Jon and Aisling. I was so happy for them.

The wedding reception was a blur of delish food and much, much red wine. I was reunited with my dear friend Britta and spent much time catching up and enjoying the good friends that we made while there. We drank a lot of wine.

The next day we met Britta and Steve and headed out for the Guinness Factory. It was terrific! We toured, we sampled and we hit the gift shop. I must remember to post for you a picture of me wearing my “Tall, Dark and Have Some Guinness” shirt. You’ll love it as much as I do!

Our penultimate day was spent at Glendalough – a tenth century monastic ruin. It bewitched me completely with its beauty and history and landscape. Glendalough was and is everything you want in your Ireland visit. It steals your imagination.

We flew home on Monday on a comfortable flight. I took in three movies (Slumdog Millionaire, Revolutionary Road and Frost / Nixon) and even had a little nap. Lots more leg room and the dreamy thoughts of all that I had seen and done in my minds loop.

It’s been a busy week since we returned. Like I said, we’ve been thinking a lot about others. Chris and I have been far behind in our charitable giving. I believe in giving, I believe we are expected to be of a giving nature. This weekend we happened to find someone who is very much in need of our help. We’ve adopted an 8-year old Spaniel named Sadie from a local animal shelter. We’re not sure how many years we’ll have with Sadie, but I will promise you this: Chris and I are going to make them the best she’s ever had. I’ll tell you more about her past in another entry. You’re tired of reading now, aren’t you?

I’ve got knitting on the needles and a house with a doggie in it! So for now, this is all the news that’s fit to knit.

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